Just For Her

There was once a woman named “M”

(I didn’t think to write her full name, not about to do that now)

She was like me..

A mature-tough person, a complicated father’s daughter, a loving being.

There were a lot of days we spent together. We laughed, we talked, we joke around.

Sometimes doing nothing but thinking about what future might bring.

She is like sister and mother to me, and I hope I was to her too.

She is someone who love me from the heart, no matter how much me argue her.

Me and her worship food, book, and Korean Drama hahaha.

We both loved beauty treatment things.

For that love we open our own salon named House Of Ghania.

I look for concept and grand designing.

Our future was bright, but we still didn’t know what future will brings.

They said family are forever. I found it so true.

We respect each other life and decisions, understanding unconditionally.

We are happy just to see the other happy.

We are apart but somehow always made it through, at heart we are always close.

She was always there for me, and I will always be as I can.

She can come to me,  I’ll listen. When she need a hug,  my arms are wide open. When she need to talk,  I have an open ear.

We are learning about many things together, since we will never know what future may brings.

I was writing this because the love we have touches my heart.

Imagine how time flew…? It had been over and over years!

I value our ‘relationship’ like you will never know, sis.

I do love you, sister 🙂


*Can you guess who is she? Yes, she is my the only one sister.


Salaams & Blessings




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